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Toucans Government

However, the problem of the Security Public (or worse of the Public Unreliability) in So Paulo is old. The fact is that the majority of the cities would be lost if depended on the Government of the State for this type of action, that is yes to have of the State and responsibility of all. We have one decade more than, in So Paulo, a government that it prefers to run away from the reality to facing it. The crime organized, for example, the Alckmin Government and until little the Government Mountain range at least admitted its existence, but for it saw of the doubts what it is seen, under excuse to prevent attempted against, are ridicule barriers confusing the chaotic transit in the front of police distributions. To justify the chains, that I believe to be second of its bigger accomplishments (the first ones are onerous tolls in all the State), the governing Toucans show numbers: Crowded penitentiaries each time more, as if this had meant in the day the day of the security. What advances deposit of prisoners that does not promote recovery? Said penitentiary of maximum security, but that compound of colony of vacation and office of &#039 becomes; ' trabalho' ' of chefes of the organized crime? Some police women whom today they need to make strike for wage and condition of work against ' ' desgoverno' ' of the State that is there they criticized, me, in years 80 and 90, when I said that So Paulo and Brazil needed a petista government. Today, with Squid, more than 80% of the Brazilians show that I was not maken a mistake. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, Campinas/email: edsonsilvajornalista@

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December 27th



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December 8th

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