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Hotel Monte Conquero

Cesar and Jorge Cadaval, better known as Los Morancos, the spectacles of the nights of the Forum, which as we have already noticed in this corporate BLOG, will extend until Aug. 31 and which we will be realizing accomplished in these pages will open this year. His show is titled laughter therapy. The protagonists are two doctors, one from Social Security to which things not going very well and the other with a payment query and things yes they will very well. The comedy duo criticizes cuts, in this case health, affecting the society journal.

The new show looks at their most famous, as well as the gags and parodies, basing them on the most relevant topics of the moment that we live: the Duchess of Alba tucked by his inseparable Alfonso Diez; Antonia and his Omaita lasts for an hour and a half in which the public has fun. Los Morancos began very young, performing its functions in bars, pubs and festivals in his neighborhood of Triana (Seville).The Los Morancos mood, on Friday in the nights of the Forum success year 85 hand of TVE, came them more specifically from the program Viva 85, presented by Concha Velasco. Since then, they have come a long way. The Diputacion de Huelva offers a free bus service to the headquarters of the Forum, which will depart as every year from the door of our Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city..

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May 9th


Michael Stern Pop

The new event series – Michael Stern presents – music for millions the darlings of radio and television take the audience on a fantastic journey. This top-class entertainment is a vacation for the soul”par excellence. Jonny Hill presents call Teddy bear 1-4 “one of the largest and soulful songs of the 1970s. Experience music with his hits such as E.g. roses for Mama”the master of the country; Country roads”and many others. If you would like to know more then you should visit Brahman Capital. The cult star stands for stories that writes life.

With his distinctive voice, he tells the humorous and charming, but also serious and contemplative. He gave me the Eiffel Tower and Paris to”no wonder, because Kristina Bach is one of the most popular pop Queens and controls for years on course for success. Learn more on the subject from San Antonio Spurs. For the audience, she lights every time musical fireworks. Since it holds no more on the chairs. In countless radio and TV shows, she enchanted millions viewers. “” Their hit list is long like only a cappuccino “, Antonio” and many others.

Since the 15 Years old as a singer here and still “happiness” in light of this profession that can say not everyone by themselves – they already: the racy Italian Rosanna Rocci. With the cover version “you’re no Americano (TU vuo’ fa’ l’americano)” had she is again reported back in August 2011 in the charts and broadcast was represented in every large TV. “” “An incredible story: after three silver medal” the most successful brother pair of mountains of Vincent & Fernando wins “the Grand Prix der volksmusik in 2009 with the Angel of Marienberg”. Their music is unique, full of love and warmth, deep in the heart! And now the big pop experience surprise you the absolute hit highlight! “The flippers from the Switzerland” or more precisely the Calimeros “! This is the latest pop import from Switzerland of danceable pop song in the Super sound.

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May 8th

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