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It is finally his skills as an author with the model Advisor ‘model are top’, which now as a practical eBook is available as far as – Sascha proves Babel by the modeling agency viviennemodels Munich. As a first model agent, he can now, from his years of experience benefit the public, as well as many young girls and cleans up at the same time with all stereotypes of the model world. Any market in which country is suitable for the respective aspiring model and what model agencies are international by highest rank? Many answers and useful tips, in terms of nutrition, beauty, or sports, help in questions about the business. Also, the true life of a model is revealed: traveling is a must, among other things, even multi-week stays in a foreign city are no exception. Babel there to be accurate information about apartment prices and fees in major fashion cities such as London, Paris or Milan. Here, he offers the possibility to find out beforehand about a suitable market.

Want to model international success record, include jobs around the world, so in each model portfolio. Babel model also for the first time informed alternative areas in the model business, for example, oversize or senior. Ultimately reflected that should not be underestimated the glitter and illusory world of the model industry, because behind this hard work and much discipline. So model is an exciting and multi-faceted job, but of course a profession like any other. The author Sascha Babel sitting on the largest model castings CMTC in Canada and IMTA in New York City in the jury and is consulted in German TV magazines like an expert. In addition, has and had the Agency top models like Carmen Kass, Anna Jagodzinska, bar Rafaeli and Ana Hickmann under contract. Not for nothing is viviennemodels according to the prestigious fashion magazine vogue the most important in the world. The model Advisor be top”model, not only to self-realization for young girls who want to be a model, but also all interested parties of the industry serves as information and Entertainment reading. Finally there is the opportunity to get away from the impression, which is mediated by various television shows. So the model Agent sets up a milestone Heidi and co. As eBook now for example available here:

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May 13th


Fabrino Relocated Headquarters

Company is one of the leading producers of food additives for architectural concrete Memmingen. The Fabrino production company mbH & co. KG has recently moved the company’s headquarters in the Bavarian Memmingen. Fabrino is one of the world’s leading producers of food additives for architectural concrete and supplies customers all over the world. The products can be manufactured for example coloured concrete or eroded the surface of concrete. Fabrino previously had its headquarters in the nearby Baden-Wurttemberg Aitrach.

We felt very comfortable there”, said Executive Director Dr. Klaus Hormann and announced that Fabrino would continue to thrive. In Memmingen we have found the optimum business areas for our work”, so Hall. He thanked its business partners for their loyalty and stressed that the products are Amitol, Heratol, Betogel, Thenerol and Sicorol, protected brand names of the Fabrino and these can be obtained only by Fabrino in familiar quality. The most popular products Fabrinos include Heratol and Betogel for the production of decorative concrete flooring, the photo concrete film Imago, with which you can map photos on concrete surfaces and color coats. This is glass granules, which are mixed with the concrete and give it such an extraordinary look. The product range includes also concrete release agents and agents for surface protection of concrete and plastic fibres to the reinforcement. Contacts: Schaller PR Melani Schaller Hall Road 191 80687 Munich Tel: 089 24418-423 fax: 089 24418-425 email: Fabrino production company mbH & co. KG Executive Director Dr. Klaus Hormann Augsburger Strasse 23 87700 Memmingen Tel.: 08331-92506-0 fax: 08331 – 92506-36

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May 7th

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