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Vinicius Poetry

In the truth poet already he is born inside with this lode of itself, what it needs is only to improve itself. In the truth the poetry is not deceased. The poetry is alive still today as yesterday. It never did not die nor will die. In all old or new musics exist the poetry, therefore without poetry it does not have music. In invitations, books and books, in letters, cards of love, Christmas, of anniversary, in liturgical and popular cantos, the folklore, everything are the poetry.

Beyond being in the heart of each sentimental being. In any bookstore if it finds some anthologies of good poets, mainly the old ones, but we also have many new poets. Carlos Drummond, Ceclia Meireles, I castrate Alves, J.G of Arajo Jorge, Vinicius de Moraes and many others still continue livings creature. Why the publishing companies do not want to publish new poetical anthologies, mainly of young authors? It is exactly for the displayed reasons above, beyond that, the people really likes more than to read texts in story form, chronicles, etc. A poet until if consecrating well, have that to perfect themselves very and believe exactly that only from the second anthology it obtains to be a good poet. What I do not agree he is that, suddenly it appears a mass of people who say to be poets, when in the reality nothing know on the subject. Many say, but few are. These few are really the ones that sobressaem on the others, beyond place also with firm interest for the poetry.

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May 29th


Music Relationship

Attempting to accommodate a person as best as possible but that our behavior is never good enough, whatever you do. To realize that we are always those who make the effort to carry this relationship forward, and that when We stopped, the relationship is finished. Do everything to save a relationship, but the other person ends it abruptly. Try that others know about our point of view and that they do not case or deny truth or wisdom of what is being said. See that others who have not worked as hard as one have success and think that they don’t deserve the success they have had, that you shouldn’t have one.

Not obtain recognition for good work or capacity while that do recognize the work of others. Work hard and others are preventing us succeed or reach our goal. For someone whom you tried to please us to reject. Maintain an impossible relationship with someone where whether you do what they want as if you do, you get a negative result. Be humiliated or embarrassed by a person whose goal was to bring us down. Be constantly rejected, disapproved, not accepted, and abandoned by others. How to recognize it? What to do in this regard? Since then, becomes present through emotions, many times they lead to actions not positive and along us handicaps in our growth, hurting us, affecting us in our growth and even physical and psychic ills about it gives us, occurring when a person feels resentment toward a person or a group, some facts such as: pouting quietly in his presence or before the mention of his name. It feels bad when the music, a movie or a television show reminds you unpleasant interactions has had with them.

Talk about way mocking or degrading them. Having nightmares or unpleasant thoughts about them. See bloquieado in their efforts of personal growth without knowing why. Feel furious without apparent reason. Feel depressed, despondent, and find yes same going in circles when he tries to overcome these negative feelings. Avoid mentioning or discussing any issue that is related to their last anger or upset about these people. Tighten the teeth and smile when really you want to shout to hear of that person. Feign enthusiasm for being with that person when in fact prefers not knowing anything about it.

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May 16th


Choose Business

Here are 7 tips for improving traffic: 1 * type a comment about a book, experience, movie, radio program, or something that you really like.The people realize when their comments are sincere. 2 * Writes advice on something you really know, the worst thing you can do is wanting to be what it is not. You don’t have to do much research.Something that you have heard about recently, may be some opinions and advice.People love tips when looks them practical and real. 3 * Choose a theme that people want information, then do a little research and answer your questions. 4 * Writes as if he were talking about, you can’t talk when you write, while it is true that no one will hear you, but feelings remain in your writing.

It can be somewhat informal and it may be more interesting for people to read. You don’t have to be an expert in writing, but just write what comes to mind. But don’t forget this: write about topics that really dominates. 5 * Choose a subject that is in a minor competition with other articles.Instead of saying I am presenting a business to do from home, you can write how to start a business based on home or how to find a business online that really works. 6 * Give readers an introduction to what you are going to tell. This is very important because the reader gives is an idea that is his article. Once called them the attention of insurance they will read the full article. 7 * Write a brief paragraph about yourself at the end of the article.This will help you know better.When people enjoy their articles they will seek it.

Considering the above, I will introduce you a business that you need to write articles, but don’t worry, we’re going to give everything you need to do it in a simple way but that results; I am referring to the marketing affiliates, but not any one, but one that gives you thousands of potential buyers, since it is a site very used, of course, the most used to make friends, I will teach you that you use it to make money. It’s facebook, if that so great social network where millions of people spend hours with friends on lines. Discover how to make money with Facebook here: If you read my blog carefully, you’ll see that you have at hand an excellent business.

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May 3rd

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