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Generic Patients

We are in the midst of a technological globalization never seen in any age, immersed in the ideal of scientific progress, and suddenly we realize that emerge … generic drugs! Without claiming that in previous eras the microscope is known, even electronics, medicine when one part of the inhabited world, or make a better discovery, its distribution was limited, or flowed slowly, or their knowledge was unique to royalty. The essential characteristic of today is communication, which allows an immediate upgrade to any event or news in a few seconds. This allows us to raise contributions to the new, growing steadily and without interruption, making science a great fabric weaving feasible anywhere in the globe. The logical step for research is the pragmatic application of their findings because of the accessibility feature is part of the initial survey work, opening the scope to use public, and closing in turn the scourge of the disease in its scaling.

Found a large variety of utilities in each article produced, assessing the chemical control respectably, as well as becoming aware of its side effects, exercising the practice of care consumption and its consequences every day waiting for specific conditions of a certain drug was precise and swift in their action. This expectation has placed us in perplexity at the outbreak on the market the appearance of generic drugs, which are composed of the same drugs proportional to the difference in the brand of your package, y. .. in the price! What does this mean? Have we eaten brands rather than effectiveness? Or the advertising of laboratories drugged consciousness to obscure the vision of the whole? If all of dissimilarity is based on monetary values … that has become pharmacology? Or are we supposed to generic captive consumers? Or maybe buy marginal conditions, and then go back to buy more chemical therapies? Just the attitude of rethinking the situation involves a question about social action of the drug scene, which encourages a systematic decline achievements so far, because it challenges the social concern for clinical disorders of the solution monetization scholarly which discredits their effectiveness at the expense of personal care. The particularity of us transformed into generic patients carries the tacit acceptance that the purchasing power of wage-or income-have suffered from some illness or tax-genetically, for which our science devoted his knowledge to provide the corresponding solution. Generated Who Whom? Generic drugs the patient gave birth to a generic? Or vice versa? This whole situation speaks for itself the only basic issue … invaded the lack of humanity! We have indeed taken over the reigns the way, where those with blood green dollar managed to heal by diving into the scientific solutions, while the populace is authorized to consume potions marginalized … previously authorized by the tax collectors! .

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June 18th


Coastal Resources

In Thailand, the Thai government banned the diving decided to maintain the endangered coral. To this end have been closed for almost twenty divers placed the most seats. Chances are that the ban in Thailand diving in general, to recover populations of endangered coral. Experts Department of Marine and Coastal Resources of Thailand sent a statement to the Government banning diving in certain areas popular parks such as the Similan and Surin, located not far from the resort island of Phuket. However, as the researchers note, banning diving in certain areas of the National Park of Thailand, or as not related to tourists, but most likely with global warming, rising water temperatures, which leads to the death of corals. For what would the situation in a national park in Thailand, back on track, you need that would not have passed less than 5 years to complete regeneration of the colony of corals. However, a ban on diving until sold only in some parts of the dying coral reefs.

But biologists argue for tougher rules for staying in national marine parks. Now, workers are obliged to take reserves more rigor and integrity with regard to litter spreader tourists, as the beaches and at sea. "Green" fish out of water constantly Preserve empty plastic and glass bottles, packets of crisps and cans of beer. Tougher requirements for ships entering the waters of national parks. Now they must be equipped with trash tanks, and for the release of debris in the waters of the Reserve will be forced to pay severe penalties. Somewhat earlier, in 2004, it was reported the extinction of 20 – 30% of coral, and it took a whole 5 years to recover. Most people just do not realize that coral is very important to preserve and maintain the climate of the sea. In contrast to their Thai officials know about it firsthand, and the laws of Thailand, quite severe, and now, for violating the ban, to Violators will apply severe sanctions from fines to imprisonment Terem. So do not break, and enjoy your holiday!

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June 6th

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