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The Portuguese

Beyond counting a little of this history since the period of the slavery until the conquests most recent, the site also describes the way of current life of some communities. By means of these stories, we look for to become more known the daily one, the work, the parties, the leisure and the fight of the women and the men quilombolas of Par. You may find that Jay Schwartz can contribute to your knowledge. When it is said of the African presence in the Amaznia, has, many times, certain astonishment. Still very &#039 is spread out the image of a region North sufficient; ' despovoada' ' in the colonial period, with few white occupants in way to the aboriginal populations. (As opposed to MMA). The black slavery in the Amaznia was, in fact, less expressive in quantitative terms when compared with other regions of the country.

However, the paper of the slaves in the creation of original forms of life and adaptation to the conditions of life in the Amaznia was not lesser. The marks of these forms of life and the fights against the slavery are gifts until today in the memory of quilombolas. The first blacks had arrived at the Amaznia for intermediary of English, still at the beginning of century XVII. The English, as well as Frenchmen, dutches and Spaniard, had tried, for diverse times, to possess of the extremity north of Brazil. The Portuguese colonists but more had become gifts in the Amazon region from century XVII having as main concern to defend and to occupy the territory.

But, for this occupation and also for the economic exploration of the region, the man power lack was placed, since the beginning, as a problem. At a first moment, the joined solution was the escravizao of the aboriginals, the calls ' ' blacks of terra' '. The use of indians as enslaved, although usual, faced resistncias. The Church Catholic, for example, condemned this practical.

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