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Legend Materials

4. Legend of the green materials. Speculation on the 'ecology' of various building materials are constantly used by the manufacturer. Confusion occurs. Consumer clearly should pay attention to the safety of the materials used, it is enough common sense and a certificate safety of the product. 5. The Legend of breathing houses.

Houses with breathable walls of wood (log) were constructed previously because of the impossibility to build otherwise. Improvement of building materials and structures are in towards energy efficiency, for this purpose in protecting designs are introduced steam insulating membrane (plastic film), reflecting insulation (foil). Stone houses were built on the earlier mortar, which theoretically can be considered vapor-permeable. Widespread cement compositions makes the present brick house airtight. Modern windows with double-glazed as impenetrable. Should I be upset by this about it? No, this general trend. Replacing the unorganized drafts of complex ventilation systems (often combined with air-conditioning, filtering and heating the supplied air) does not leave us any reason to nostalgia.

Yet insinuations of advertising on 'breathing' materials and structures, shall remain on the conscience of marketers. 6. The Legend of consultants trading firms. Coming in building supermarkets in each department you will meet pretty competent consultants who are ready to explain to you anything completely unbiased and objective manner. Definitely not trust this information. These are professional salesmen, and they say what is needed and as needed. They aim to sell a product, and it directed all the power and potential of science to sell. Tip: Do not make purchases under the spur of the moment, take time out and think, even a possible return of material (often only declared), can bring you great loss.

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May 15th


Bendix Clutch

Design and operation of the starter starter consists of about 50 parts, but its fundamental unit is not very difficult. The design includes three main components. The first is the DC traction motors with collector, the second Bendix (mechanism, called by the name of the inventor Bendix) with a drive gear and overrunning clutch, and a third node that relays the retractor having a drive for Bendix and a contact group, which includes a motor. After turning the key, which includes a starter on the windings of the traction battery relay energized. Under his influence, a magnetic field that pulls the armature relays.

Moving an anchor through the lever moves the overrunning clutch in the gear, and thus enters it into engagement with the flywheel ring gear. At the same time, the contact plate closes the contacts, and through them energized to the motor. Anchor the starter starts at the electromagnetic field rotate with the hub and outer ring freewheel. After starting the engine speed gears to get more speed and armature freewheel inner ring, which combined with the pinion moves the clips into the wide part of the groove of the outer ring, while compressing the spring plungers. Here rollers can rotate freely and spinning gear, not dragging anchor.

Following the release to key be breaking the food chain winding traction relay. Next spring returns the armature relay to its initial position. Contacts are opened and the overrunning clutch in the gear back to the starting position.

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May 12th

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