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Useful And Interesting Article About The Origin Of Music, Reggae

Reggie is the most positive direction in music. What is reggae music? For some it is the residents themselves Jamaica with intricate hair who plays guitar for someone completely unfamiliar word. Let's all it turned out that is a reggae music. Born a musical direction in Jamaica about 60 years. Originally it was a mix of Jamaican folk music, Hispanics, and rhythm & blues, which was then now so popular and frequently sounded on the radio. In addition, the influence on the style of reggae had appeared earlier ska music. Reggae – not just music, it's a kind of religion, a kind of worldview and a certain lifestyle many people. This religion, called rastafarianstvom in honor of the Emperor of Ethiopia, called up to the coronation of Ras, virtually enslaved the whole world.

Bob Marley became the first performer in the global arena of show business, who was from Third World countries and which could achieve such a huge popularity on all continents. In the mid-70's, his music hit in Europe and the song climbed to first place in the charts in Britain, France and Germany. Then to reggae developed an interest on the part of various production centers, began to appear pop-reggae bands such as UB40 (part of the band members were also born in Jamaica). The philosophy of reggae and rastafarianstva carries Society idea of absolute equality, and fraternity among people. Sometimes the songs of Bob Marley had a political subtext that is was reflected in the lives of people in some countries. Culture, Burning Spear, Aswad, Peter Tosh (He started his career with Bob Marley's group The Wailers) – Well-known reggae artists in those days. The Wailers became the first band to reggae from Jamaica, which has achieved enormous popularity in Europe and America. Life in Jamaica at that time revolved around music.

There could earn money only in two ways: either to become a bandit or a performer of reggae. Jamaica constantly visited major producers of America, which recorded local boys for a nominal fee, and then these records back to America and earned them big money. About this in detail tell Jamaican movies of that time, for example, Rockers and The harder they come. This movie and is now considered a cult in an environment of people who are associated with reggae culture. Direction is an offshoot of reggae is like Rocksteady. It is slow music, reminiscent of melodies for meditation. Lyrics are usually of a religious nature that resemble hymns. The main performers of this style were and are The Congos. Plate The Hart of the Congos, released in 1977, is still the standard, an icon of Rocksteady. The foundation of reggae music lies in the positive vibrations, which translates the melody. A well-known singer Lee Scratch Parry istsarapyval and burned and then buried in the garden of their albums so that they get positive vibrations. There is an electronic version of reggae – it's Dub (dub). Russian dub today recognized as one of the best. Known domestic artists (Dub tv, Dub Syndicate) are very popular in Europe. To date, join the culture of reggae can be, download free reggae from the Internet.

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March 31st


Gennady Samusenko

To do this, pre-recorded midi track solo tool to translate into an audio format, as a result we get an audio track. Then create one double, ie, we already will have two identical tracks. And then one track pan in the middle of the left channel and the other with a small delays in 7-12 ms. in the middle of the right (or vice versa). As a result, we get a bright, wide, wider band of a solo instrument. Another way – apply the effect of delay, with its opposite direction on the location tool. Also, often in the sequencers have plugins (or you can install them), extending the panorama, which can also be used for this purpose. When you install the sound balance musically to remember the basic a simple principle – the solo instruments in the foreground, harmonies on the second, the harmonic instruments and bass on the third and drums, depending on the style can be allocated more or vice versa, go to the back of plan.Perevod audio mixing and use effektov.Inogda on midi tracks superimposed some reverb and chorus.

Other, more "powerful" midi-effects, such as the arpeggiator, delay in metric settings, and others that are used mainly in the case of solutions of singular artistic problems. The next step is rewriting midi tracks to audio format. When this stage is completed, then comes the time for processing information and audio tracks. As regards the application audio effects, you should say the following: it is very important measure, and permanent hearing rigorous control. You can apply delay, echo, reverb, chorus, flanger and other effects, but very carefully so as not to turn your masterpiece in the vinaigrette.

This is especially true reverb level, less is more. What I'm talking about balance and panning, fully applies to . Ie, we must keep in mind about the plans and the role of different textural elements in the overall sound. You can use plug-ins and move away approximating the sound of the audio track in space, and many other effects. But some effects such as reverb is better not to apply to each track separately but in groups, or all tracks at once. Usually this is a note of the draft-channel stereo. Prootsess information can be made both in the sequencer and audio editor-in program. In this audio editor do better, because it is specially designed to do this and make it more qualitative. But that's another tema.Itak, sequencer – a central, multifunctional program in computer and arranger composer, and it is very important that it be easy to operate. Therefore, I recommend everyone search "their" sequencer. Gennady , composer.

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March 20th


Now Reality

Each is programmed over the fact that the individual be a conductor truth. Each has its own truth, it is real, even if, perhaps, is opposed to the truth of others. Is this correct or not? Nothing is right or wrong It's just wrong. Right or wrong only your own judgments and perceptions. Creating my own right and my own reality, on stage or screen – that's true for me at this particular moment. My own vision and instincts, all that makes me Me. Sense of timing, phrasing, choice of vocabulary – it is my right. What if what I consider trivial or false, for someone seems perfect? Seek your own truth.

Be steady. Know it. Own it. Follow your instincts and do not ask questions. Your reality – yours and it's perfect! Remember what I write – it's my humble opinion and perception of their own little truth in the vast world of billions of individual truths. My reality – It's my understanding of my existence I'm not sure that my reality – this is exactly where I wanted to be I'd like to feel every minute of every day of his life as a blessing. Why is it always so difficult perceive reality as an absolute positive? Always adequately I want to absorb the true reality of my life, I do not want to be constrained in its path, perhaps most of all I would like to concentrate on What I have not yet reached in their life, not sold as a woman or an artist And how about who I am and what is achieved? I think that there is always another way and this is my fantasy of a perfect life funny I used to be fantasizing about the life I live now Now it's my reality My cherished goal: the moment when we can pat itself on the back and smile with an exhalation of relief.

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March 2nd

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