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Freddy Malinowski

The new single from Wolkenfrei – you are my island WOLKENFREI is a band of which it speaks. And even before the release of their first album. Why? Especially because she have a “real” pop band and for years have been live on the road. You have conquered the hearts of many fans the big slog behind and at their live gigs. With fresh, yet highly melodic, pop-oriented and danceable songs have Vanessa Mai (vocals), Marc Fischer (keyboards) and Stefan Kinski (guitar) lined up a considerable fan base and attention with their first single “Jeans, T-Shirt and freedom” also medially on himself.

Before now on the 07.02.2014 the long-awaited debut album finally will be “Endless love”, a brand new WOLKENFREI single at the start goes to the 14.12.2013: “You are my island”. In the sunny courtyard, the legendary resort in Aspach at Backnang, where also hit Gigantin live Andrea Berg, WOLKENFREI is an institution. Successful authors have participated “Endless love” on the album, for example, Martin Hein and Freddy Malinowski by fantasy. “You’re the single my island”comes from the successful authors Thomas Rosenfeld (Andrea Berg, Andreas Martin) and Tobias Reitz (Helene Fischer, SEMINO Rossi). Was produced as the whole album by Star producer Felix Gauder (Sandra, Jimmy Somerville, pet shop boys). “You’re my island” called the band unanimously current favorite song. A dancefloors pop hits, should say.

But when WOLKENFREI live presented the title for the first time, something extraordinary happened: the audience stopped dancing and closed gathered in front of the stage to celebrate the title directly with the band. “That was,” singer Vanessa says “an absolute goose bumps moment!” The cloud-free single “You’re my island” was released on the 04.01.2013 as a digital download single.

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March 11th


Dead Sea Health

… America – then we coordinate and complement it. This program takes into account the main thing – a full course of treatment at the Dead Sea – our only help and entertainment supplement treatment, creating a good mood turistayu. A total of combined treatment is concerned, our 'Dead Sea Clinic. " As well as that treated at the Dead Sea? Imagine the pink cliffs, the blue mirror of water, full, hitherto unheard, silence. Palm trees, warmth, you relax on the beach, and at this time set of unique environmental factors working on your health … What cares about your health? The air in the Dead Sea, deprived of allergens! An additional 400 meters of the atmosphere – a filter that keeps out harmful solar radiation.

A light mist of vapor healing Dead Sea water also filters the sun's rays and allows for sunbathing for hours without fear of burn – this is a natural form of ultraviolet diseases. In the air, on the coast contains 10 times more bromine than in other places, so for several days spent on the banks of the Dead Sea, is very effective impact on your nervous system. The combination of high concentration of magnesium and bromine in the Dead Sea water has a wholesome effect on the skin, circulatory system and the musculoskeletal system. The unique properties of Dead Sea mud written by mountains of scientific papers. Who cares about your health? – 'Dead Sea Clinic' has been around for over 10 years – said the chief doctor of the clinic, MD, Professor Michael Rivkin. – During this time, we were visited by tens of thousands of visitors and patients, many of whom have left their gratitude to the guest book at our clinic. Patients 'Dead Sea Clinic' can choose any of the hotels in the Dead Sea – the procedures and back into the room you will deliver the car clinic.

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March 1st

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