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The Life

The intrinsic idea is of that this position will bring it respect, recognition and results. The discovery of our interior world and the steps to place it in sequence certainly are one of the greaters discovered for who desire to have of truth ‘ ‘ quality of vida’ ‘ , nowadays also very spread out in the form of care with the physicist, health and leisure; Good things, but insufficient to bring satisfaction to the human being. The ways for the calm and interior order can seem a little detached from our reality ‘ ‘ competitiva’ ‘ but it is certain, this reality is in leading to ‘ ‘ caos’ ‘ ; It allows me to launch some practical that they can be learned and be practised with very significant results; _ Faa one auto-will evaluate of each area of its life; (I have one auto-will evaluate predefined that it could be envoy gratuitously for email for that they will want a guide for this phase). It perceives each area of its life, analyzes the time and potentials expenses in these areas, it discovers the values of return for its life and perceives if equation TEMPO/POTENCIAL X RESULTADO/SATISFAO is in balance; It places house area in the perspectives: _ Our motivation, the force that takes in them to act in the way that we act. (We are pushed by the rhythm of the times? For the competition? For the feeling to be part? For the other people’s expectations? For what you believe and value?

For what it of the pleasure and quality of life? _Nosso time; Which the relation TIME X IMPORTNCIA/RELEVNCIA? How much of its time it is expense with things that you believe to be important or essential? Exists a balance? _ Our system of beliefs; I really believe this time slicing? I believe what I am making? I am satisfied with the results? This is satisfactory life? What it is lacking? How to complete now? _ Our soul; I am fortifying my interior? I am preparing itself for the difficult moments of the life? I am fortifying itself interior to help others? I make difference for what ‘ ‘ sou’ ‘ how human being, as people? What it is more important for me and the others, ‘ ‘ I PEOPLE or PROFESSIONAL I, STATUS? _ Our interior Peace; I am enough in interior peace to perceive the values spirituals of the life? My sensitivity is obtaining to catch the messages of the family? of the friends, of the nature, I can hear the voice of the Creator? To perceive it? I can perceive something beyond my material field of vision? I can tan the love, the joy, the peace, the harmony, the happiness, the goodness, the generosity? how much to a good music? The arts? A book?

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