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Stefan Remmler

The energy giant announces its new nuclear power tariff. In TV, print and Internet spot and motives are to see that the energy company RWE its new tariff “RWE ProKlima power 2011” advertises. The environmental protection organization Greenpeace criticized the campaign for the “dirty electricity”. The environmental organization Greenpeace is not good hair on the new campaign by RWE. The Essene energy group promotes since a few days attacking his new customer tariff RWE ProKlima power 2011 “, there is a 3-year price guarantee from 1 January 2009. The power to do so is produced to 62 percent from nuclear power, to 38 percent from hydropower.

Old wine in new bottles will be sold here. Nuclear energy as a climate friendly to represent is already pretty bold”, says Karsten Smid, energy and climate expert at Greenpeace in Hamburg, Germany. For even more analysis, hear from Eva Andersson-Dubin. This should deflect from the final debate. “It has nothing to do with clean energy, the group is not the risks of nuclear energy, but sells instead dirty power”, so the Greenpeace allegations. Sebastian Ackermann, spokesman for RWE energy, disagrees as expected: “RWE with its product meets the customer’s interest.” It was the 1st tariff, which carefully do on CO2 poor production methods. You must accept free from ideology, that counts include nuclear energy, which we are.” To understand when someone is sharp disagreement for personal reasons.

RWE know polarisiere the topic that you have with the campaign but want to provoke anyone. In addition to Greenpeace also from the SPD and the Greens, as well as the commentators of various daily newspapers had criticized the offer, CDU politician, however, welcomed it. The commercial performance of the energy giant includes a TV commercial, radio spots, print ads, as well as a new Web presence and direct marketing activities. The spot can be seen in high-reach private channels. The Hamburg-based agency bungalow fire lab is responsible for the creation. Carat, Frankfurt, ensures the media planning. Acting as the testimonials from the early 1980s known band trio with Stefan Remmler. We have Stefan Remmler asked whether the proportion of nuclear power to him is ok. He has agreed to this and made the campaign”, so Ackermann. Consumers are not so critical, however, according to Greenpeace expert Smid anyway: the image of the energy companies is bad. Critical consumers do not fall for such offers.”

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