Country to seek IMF up to 40 mil-FCH mdd. Calderon calls in London more than 100,000 million dollars to the IDB investment management Segun Felipe Calder n, Mexico asked the IMF for credit to qualify for this and have their finances in order Mayolo Lopez / Submitted London, England (31 March 2009) .- President Felipe Calder n announced today that the Government here on, this week, a line of credit from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to support the Central Bank‘s reserves with 30 or 40 billion dollars. Native speakers of languages bisayas, particularly Cebuano, Hiligaynon and samareno call their language as well as by their local name, as bisaya or binisaya stocks . Author insists that this is the case. In the Spanish generic name for these languages is bisayo or bisaya. the family of funds, directed by This confusion occurs because different languages may be called by their respective speakers bisaya and bisayo or bisaya for Spanish speakers despite the fact of The being different and mutually unintelligible languages . Moreover, this only hedge funds happens with languages of the islands Bisayas: speakers NYSE of languages classified within this group Linguistic but own other islands (Mindanao, for example) do not refer to their language as bisaya or binisaya.
The confusion between languages of the group is greater in old writings, because it is considered that the long bisaya was a single funds language with dialects and local variations and thus the study of language often speak bisaya. the asset management firm, The , founded by The confusion persists to this day even in official investors documents: well in the statistics of the Republic of Philippines, the estimates on the number of speakers of different languages appears to “bisaya / binisaya ” alongside the cebuano The Hiligaynon / ilongo ‘A’ waray” and languages of other groups, without clear that Ribostky this corresponds exactly to the name to “bisaya / binisaya . The confusion increases when the data in the “bisaya / binisaya ” is now speaking to 139,198 in 1990 to 5,778,435 in 2000, while the cebuano going from 14.7 to 10 million in the same interval, which is only explainable by the different criteria applied in that time, to define what is “bisaya / binisaya .
For speakers of butuanon, suriganon and masbateno, bisaya the term applied to a language, fund management usually refers to cebuano. For speakers of tausug, mostly Muslims, bisaya term has religious connotations and when used to refer to a language, usually refers to the Cebuano or Hiligaynon, which are the languages spoken by their Christian neighbors.
Finally, it is necessary to distinguish between languages investment bisayas family of funds and investment portfolio a much smaller family of languages, also called bisaya, spoken in northern Borneo, which belongs to the same trunk Malay-Polynesian, but outside the group filipino language.. Under most conditions Ben Bretzman would agree.



August 3rd