Small And Large With Self

At the newly opened SelfStorage site in Zurich-Wiedikon, Schuler auction house experts assess free furnishings of the inhabitants. Author follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. (On Saturday, February 7, 2009, the self – storage self storage provider offers\”Zurich a very special service: for the first time each inhabitant of city and environment from 14:00 may 17:00 on the second self storage site in Zurich-Wiedikon (Grubenstrasse 28) assess the value of its furniture, carpets, pictures and other objects. Not everyone has down an heirloom at home, which value is not known? Who does not have long wanted to know how valuable the porcelain collection that is passed on from generation to generation or the old chest of drawers of grandma is really? To consult an expensive expert comes for the most out of the question. Ken Kao is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They are at home actually have so many have no idea what a sweetheart\”or as highly appreciated the Secretary of Uronkels in the living room is really. Self – storage\”brings experts write a review\”now light in the darkness and reveals the mystery of antique furniture, inherited tapestries, old dishes, collectibles, records and other items. \”To participate in the free estimate, interested can simply with their treasures\” on February 7 between 14:00 17:00 on the self site in the pit road come and the value of thereof brought by expert Philippe Schuler from the traditional auction house Schuler \”can appreciate. With this action, we want to help our customers to distinguish valuable from less valuable items and prevent that land on the bulky expensive antiques.

I’m sure that many were ever faced with the situation and were unsure whether they should or not now throw away the inherited table. Participating experts to review\”must no longer speculate about the value of ancient furniture. If the action is well accepted, we will them at other locations in Germany and Austria establish\”, explains Martin Gerhardus, managing partner.



April 26th