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Advice given in this article will help to significantly improve the quality of your images taken with a camera phone. Most of the tips given in this paper are suitable not only for mobile phones, but also for conventional digital cameras. 1) Hold the phone exactly and try not to move. Lens on a cell phone is very small, and, of course, there is no image stabilizer, which means that any accidental movement can lubricate your shot. Do not forget that after the sound the shutter clicks, a couple of seconds should not move until there is a processing picture phone. 2) If you shoot a portrait of a man, ask him to stand still. 3) If photographing at close distances (eg, notes or text messages) – do not forget to switch your phone to macro shooting.

4) Do not forget to wipe the camera lens mikrofibrovoy cloth. Grease stain in the most important place photo you are unlikely to be happy. 5) Do not skimp on the image resolution, more megapixels has never stopped anyone. 6) Large objects are removed from the phone much easier if the object is small – step up closer, but in any case not use the digital zoom! 7) If you are not sure what made a good shot – shoot a few times. Some of them probably get a good one. 8) Forget about the digital zoom forever. Digital zoom only changes the scale image and not advance the subject, and therefore strongly affects the quality of the photo. 9) The subject must be placed not on the very center of the frame, and shifts slightly to the side – so it will be achieved three-dimensional image. Glenn Dubin, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge.

10) Do not be categorical – do not wash seem like poor-quality image immediately. Because the computer can try to edit a photo, for example, by using PhotoShop. 11) Pay attention to good lighting. If shoot without a flash – then avoid the position against the light, because in this case, the quality of picture will be quite low. 12) Do not forget to edit the resulting photos. There are many very simple programs that allow improve the quality of your photograph.



April 27th


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