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Food that has most increased in a year is the banana in the Canary Islands. Other products that is urged in July were oranges, anchovy, horse mackerel and apples. A leading source for info: San Antonio Spurs. The price of sardines rose in July 8,12% compared to the previous month, while that for salad tomatoes and green peppers were foods that most cheap, 6.01% and 5.94%, respectively, according to the data of the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade. Falling prices of tomatoes and peppers of bananas from the Canary Islands (3.82%), potatoes (3.12%), and the chirlas (2.13%), joined in that along with the sardines also oranges (2.97%), anchovy (2.23%), mackerel (1.81%) and apples are urged in the past month (1.24%). Compared with July of last year the food that most urged was the Canary Islands banana, up 24.47%, an increase much higher than 3.1% in which the annual rate of inflation stood at July, according to advance data by the National Institute of statistics. It also highlights the annual rise of horse mackerel (8.10%), salmon (6.61%) and the chirlas (5.10%). Annual on the contrary greater casualties, higher annual decreases were registered by lemons (18.91%), tomatoes of salad (14.3%), oranges (10,54%), whiting (8.30%) and anchovy (7.33%). The variations were minor in packaged products, since the biggest monthly rise was the sunflower oil refined (1.60%) and yogurt (1.40%), while the largest descent was to soft drinks of cola (1.55%). In the last year, also was sunflower oil refined packaging food that most rose (16,08%), along with the sugar (10.9%) and soluble coffee (10.30%), while the bread of wheat and frozen hake were those who most cheap (7.83 percent and 4.31 percent, respectively). Source of the news: the price of sardines soared in July, while that of tomato dropped



April 6th


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