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Quality site promotion through Internet magazine is an effective way of promotion. Internet magazine – a website that contains articles on one or more topics. In a good journal papers All categories are present and a search of the articles. Articles in the Internet journal written by experienced journalists and narrow specialists in their field, so that all the information on such sites, as a rule, unique ikachestvennaya. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Related Group. For companies very important to properly advertise their products, so as not to scare off buyers explicit advertising. For example, calls for the purchase or absence of useful information. Internet magazines usually offer two types of articles: the first type. See real-estate developer for more details and insights. The article, which describes one particular problem.

As one of the solutions provides a link to the advertiser's site. Or advertiser is a sponsor of this article and a link to his site is next to an article. The second type. Article about a particular product or service the advertiser. The article focuses on something useful, it would be interesting to a reader who is not going to buy a product.

In addition, you can place ads on a standard magazine. Attendance of some journals several thousand people a day. Perm and Perm region is developing rapidly and is filled online journal What are the online journals? 1) Niche Internet magazine. These journals of interest to specialists in a particular industry. Accordingly, advertisers are only those sites and companies that operate in this sector. For example, the journal of the Staff "Kadrovik." 2) Online Journals industry. In these journals range of articles and more widely than in specialized journals. But the topic does not go beyond the industry. For example, a magazine about the industry. 3) Social Web logs. In these journals many articles on various topics from health to education issues. These logs can be nation-wide and regional.



May 30th


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