Mora Vanegas

Carlos Mora Vanegas can not ignore the serious political harassment at a general level, ie the policy itself, the dominant political power groups, the prevailing ideology that generates effects on political life, and at work, especially when There are ideological differences, personal charges for favors granted, political commitments, often regardless of skills, abilities, knowledge. All this, not knowing handle causes negative results at the corporate level, community, organizational climate as harmful towards the objectives, plans established by the company. In our case of greatest interest to the business, should not they allow in their midst because of political differences for conflicts that will affect the length. It should be known ethically handle without allowing political ideologies that these are expressed and not substantially affect productivity.

It is known that in the Venezuelan case that concerns us, for political reasons, where there is a division line between the followers of the government and cons, harassment agrees to the interests of everyone, to the extent that originates unemployment, discrimination, would be affected in the organizational behavior that affect productivity. You can not hire only those sympathetic to a certain ideology, should be considered in priority, the knowledge, skills, experience, professional skills in terms of achievements, otherwise it is manifest that is constant in the environment, waste talent, human capital. Read more from Tony Parker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is a fact that the general level political harassment has led to protests, claims, reactions to avoid injury to the rights it has to disagree with each other, as in the case of women, where For example, women councilors in Bolivia are promoting a law to protect them from discrimination and political harassment by their male peers, which attribute to intimidation and even death threats, particularly in rural areas.



March 3rd