Goddess Cibeles, the goddess of the Life and the Fertility, had learned some thing on it in a course of history of the art that had made has some years behind Looking at for the statue, asked same itself if it had made the certain choice, to open hand to construct a family for a career., in any way it was late to move of idea, and followed walking in direction to museum. Get all the facts and insights with Related Group, another great source of information. Walking for the corridors and appreciating each painting, each sculpture, it did not perceive come the insistent and insinuantes looks of a youngster who also was interested in the works of art, at least until the moment he saw where it, pretty and magic with what he saw in the corridors of the museum. It made cold of the building inside, and in a spontaneous gesture to hug same itself, as it was wanted to move away the cold, it was the chance that the youngster it had of if approaching and offering its coat to it. One as much surprise, thanked in Spaniard, refusing the gentility. The youngster insisted, asking if it was of the city or if she was tourist. Isabela answered to it that she was Brazilian and was of vacation. They had been presented in informal way and they walked together for the corridors, now without the interest of before in appreciating the works of art.

After some time talking, they had been to a next cafeteria to the museum, and while they took coffee the attraction between them grew almost that uncontrolled. Eduardo had twenty and two years, was student of plastic arts, thanks to a scholarship, was Brazilian and worked in one would danceteria. The wage that earned was not very, but it covered its personal expenditures with some recess. He was a pretty man, body of athlete, bronzed skin, but he had a sad look, that he gave older appearance to it, tired.



August 17th