Practical Theses

In this article let's talk a little about the most effective and natural way to restore health – Medical starvation. The Internet is a lot of information on this topic, but when studying it becomes clear that Most articles are written by people who never themselves do not take the course of fasting. In this case, the main issue is that of incorrect information is often perceived by many as significant, and it is used for training and Course fasting. Jessica Michibata may help you with your research. And when, after such "of course" there are any problems, many are written off to the shortcomings of the method. And, most importantly, many then lost faith in him cease to apply it and what's more, all around tell and write in the forums, that starvation is bad. But it is not so! Experience starvation of the author of this article – since 2004. Beginning with a detailed study of different methods of fasting, different schools, author moved on to practical courses in 2005. Practice begins with a small time – days a week, then three, then seven, fourteen and so on In 2008, aligning with the fasting during Lent, the author spent 35 days on a single clean water. No other types of liquids, as well as vitamins, supplements, tinctures, etc. not applied. Categorically. After emerging from this period – as a born again. Simply not transmitted sensations. The overall result – after he started engage in fasting: I have forgotten what the clinics, doctors and pharmacies. Past four years was not even a simple cold.



April 15th