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Survey and analysis with change-barometer 3 Eltville – Erbach, 18 January 2013 – what conditions are necessary for the success of change processes? What fear employees during change processes in the most and which competencies of managers are critical? Answers to these questions seeking the third change-barometer of Mutaree GmbH. Sela Ward: the source for more info. our change-fitness study shows that half of all change projects fail almost. We want to also show up, supply what are the largest factors of a change-management process and approaches to avoid error in change management”, so Claudia Schmidt, change expert and Managing Director of Mutaree GmbH. based on research into the change management success indicators for change processes are in the interests of research of Mutaree GmbH. Results so far are deepened with the help of change Eurobarometer surveys.

Five quick questions illuminate the most important influencing factors. Join in and benefit from the results! The barometer of change aimed at employees of Companies of all sizes and industries. The participation is worthwhile! Each participant receives the results upon completion of the change barometer free and can generate fields of action for the design of its own processes. Interested parties can find the questionnaire at: change About the Mutaree GmbH: The Mutaree GmbH is a specialist in change management. The services include the planning and control of processes of change, as well as the implementation support to achieve the objectives of the change. Where is the human being always at the Center.



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