Aastra Launches XML Contest – Prices In Four Categories

Professionals and hobbyists can participate to Berlin – the Berlin ICT manufacturer Aastra calls on developers to a global XML-contest. We are looking for solutions that optimize the communication processes of companies in everyday life. The XML applications should be developed specifically for the Aastra 6700i phone family, and thus for devices based on the open standard SIP. Aastra forges ahead open standards continues the theme with this competition. Compared to system phones, SIP phones actually offer a lower functionality. This gap suggests but as SIP phones with XML Extensions can be deeply integrated into the communication server. We invite creative minds, to show us and the market, what is possible with XML”, says operator Eric Kirchner, head of sales at Aastra Germany GmbH.

The submitted applications for free download on the homepage of Aastra will be published in line with the idea of open standards. Deadline for submission of proposals is October 30, 2010. In four Categories can be submitted according to Aastra applications: social networking and Web 2.0 applications: better access and easier communication in connection with services like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn. Business applications: Added value for companies, by for example, in-house databases and information systems can be integrated applications around the phone: new features, which so far still not the SIP phones are integrated into lifestyle applications: different functions of the weather service up to the ticker. The XML competition is aimed not only at professional developers, but also to hobbyists and students. Participants must be willing to make their application available under BSD license. The software has may be so freely copied, modified and distributed. An expert jury of members of areas of University, press, consultants and companies which submitted idea ultimately WINS, decides.

To choose a winner for each of the four categories. The winners will see including a Tablet PC, an iPod touch, as well as the new SIP phone for executives that Aastra 6739i. developers can be on support.aastra.fr/… Register. Learn more about XML, Aastra SIP phones as well as sample applications and the Aastra XML developers kit there under support.aastra.fr/… . It gives an overview of existing XML applications on the Internet page of Aastra Germany GmbH. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a markup of structured stored in the form of text files. An example of an XML language is RSS (RSS feeds). The business SIP phones Aastra 6700i is a complete family of devices available, the XML support. So users about their display can read, for example, the weather, track stock prices or be reminded of appointments. Aastra SIP phones are deeply integrated into the own Unified Communications Server and supported by many leading platforms, other manufacturers, providers, and system integrators.



September 14th