About Anime And Manga

The simplest definition is as follows: * Manga – a Japanese comic books. * Anime – is a Japanese animation. The word 'manga' is pronounced with the accent on first syllable, and leaning, but has no plural form. The word 'anime' pronounced with the accent on either the first or the last (less) syllables, and not declined. Animan.mcdir.ru – allows you to watch various anime and read manga online – for free! Often believe that the terms 'manga' and 'anime' is limited in some genres (Science fiction, fantasy), and graphic styles (realism, 'big eyes'). It is not. The terms 'manga' and 'anime' define only the basic culture, based on which works are created, and nothing more.

Why is it generally makes sense to use certain terms, why not just say 'anime' as we say 'German animation' or 'French comic'? Why are some terms? First of all, just for convenience. _ Secondly, Japanese animation and comics culture is certainly the most extensive and diverse in the world, while it is quite different from other national cultures of animation and comics. Strictly speaking, the the existence of significant national comic animation culture can only speak in the annex to the U.S., Japan and France (Germany and Korea both want, but do not quite hold out, Russia also wants to, but we have yet to such heights development of a culture far ). In this case, the U.S. and France – 'European' country with a Christian mentality, and Japan – 'eastern' country with a Buddhist-Shinto mentality. Since the terms of the mentality of Russia still closer to France and the U.S., Japanese popular culture, part of which are anime and manga, for us is not obvious and not always understood 'at a glance'.



January 12th