Acabo Wellbeing

Western Europe takes more than half a century enjoying a splendid and enviable State of well-being unparalleled in social benefits with any period of history and any other country in the world today day. The trouble is that, demographic change and the ageing of its population, that placid current prosperity has been able to maintain for years at the expense of the future well-being of our children and our grandchildren. If that in itself already is serious, worse is what has happened to us the last countries arrived at that State of Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal economic and social prosperity: that we got to spend like crazy to reach the level of others in haste and that haven’t finished mortgaged up to the grips. To read more click here: Spurs. Now, of course, comes crying and gnashing of teeth to not keep this train of life. People, which we removed things to those believed to be entitled and that we thought they left us free us gets mad.

It is therefore logical that there violent strikes in Greece, demonstrations against Nicolas Sarkozy in France and now in Great Britain against the hard cuts David Cameron subsidiary avoided mention in its election manifesto. (Source: Laura Plomer). But the only method that exists to allow our children to keep some level of life is drastically reducing our. And that knows to Mariano Rajoy, when he criticized the timid adjustments of Rodriguez Zapatero which makes is a simple exercise in hypocrisy. It is that, believe it or not, and although nobody want it, ended what was given. Go to Neil Cole for more information. Original author and source of the article.



May 20th