Acapulco Bay

Going on vacation to Acapulco invites you to think in an endless number of tourist enjoy: beaches, Sun, sea, fishing, entertainment and natural spectacles, the Majesty of the architecture of hotels in Acapulco and the exceptional feasts of its restaurants, palapas and fondas. And it is that Acapulco gastronomy is delicious, variety and even aphrodisiac, since much of the dishes is composed of seafood. As often happens in the tourist destinations which are situated next to the sea is easy to find a menu in which included the accustomed wines of fish or shrimp, the different cocktails of shrimp, Octopus, squid, back to life; the orders of shrimp served in various recipes: roasted garlic, a la diabla, clams, oysters and the wide variety of Pacific fish roasted firewood or charcoal. Thus, we found one of the most famous and traditional of the Acapulco Bay dishes: ceviche, cocktail prepared with fish saw, marinated with lemon and served with avocado, tomato, onion and chopped cilantro; and, complemented by a touch of spicy sauce. It is exquisite to the palate and fresh in a very hot climate, so it is easy to find in the different restaurants and food stalls that are distributed by the port. In Coyuca bar it is customary to ask the speciality of the area: fish size.

It is a red snapper bathed in a sauce of guajillo, seasoned with tomato, onion, avocado and butter and roasted chile to coal. Carving fish served with slices of tomato, onion and chunks of avocado, and served with beans, white rice and sauce of scapular. For those who do not eat fish or seafood, there is delicious Guerrero pozole. In Acapulco is customary to serve the pozole on Thursdays and Saturdays, either white or green, with chicken, pork or both. There are also the traditional snacks and fish pies. And to drink, it is highly recommended to try the coco loco, waters of coconut with Geneva mixed and served in a coconut; tuba, drink made from coconut, and Guerrero chilate, a mix that must prove. The options offered by Guerrero port are varied and you can find both traditional dishes and specialities of the chef in various restaurants and hotels in Acapulco.



September 21st