Africa Plan

Although it has an increase in the aid it is true there are headings of external debt relief, who are punctual and take advantage to inflate the figures. The nefarious aid funds to development (FAD), credits given to impoverished countries in exchange for linked to supplies of Spanish companies, under criticism by NGOs, still be reformed. They serve to the outsourcing of the Spanish companies, made very legitimate, but not if it is linked to cooperation. It generates perverse mechanisms of return, as debt. For example, several countries such as Angola, Republic of the Congo, Cameroon or Gabon maintained a negative balance with the Spanish cooperation. The role of the armed forces in humanitarian responses should be limited to technical issues and to ensure the sharing and corridors in areas that require it, but not manage it directly. Meddling in areas outside their jurisdiction threatens the principles of humanitarian action and can generate insecurity for workers in specialized agencies.

Their contribution should be restricted very well. Africa, despite being among the priority areas for the Spanish cooperation and have been reinforced with the Africa Plan in 2006, still do not see an increase in bilateral aid allocations. And the great unfinished business of the Spanish aid remains the coherence of policies. It cannot be that trade or economy removed with one hand what exterior gives twice. It is moving from a policy of aid to one of development, with capital letters.

The next legislature, which will begin on March 9, will confirm this trend change and consolidate reforms and initiated changes. If not, we will have been in a mere attempt to establish a role for Spain in the world. As holding Intermon-Oxfam in its analysis on the reality of aid 2007-2008: Spain must pass to a role more active in international forums, to promote the intervention of the international community to various crises, is to support a change of direction in trade policy, to regulate arms exports or to propose a new approach to migration policies.



August 18th