Afternoon To Return Chapter 6

Mabel was granddaughter of Spanish immigrants. His grandparents, natives of a fishing village near Laxe in his native Galicia, were one of the many that they had let a Spain desolate by the misery and the dictatorial regime. They landed in Uruguay with his only son, Manuel, under 1 year of age. Shortly after his arrival, his grandmother had become pregnant again. The birth was very difficult.

The baby came in position of buttock. Both parents had already warned that the situation was problematic and that there were many possibilities that things will end badly. The head was caught in the pelvis and the baby was born dead. The mother had a major haemorrhage that took it to the brink of death also. When the couple was recovered by miracle it decided not to try a new pregnancy. From their settlement had begun to work in a bakery, first as an employee, then renting the premises after 15 years had been able to buy it and run autonomicamente.

Manuel had begun to very an early age to help his parents and ended up deciding that this would be his final profession. Didn’t have to get up at 2 in the morning to turn on the oven and start preparing the dough. He neither cared not having days off. It was an independent profession with an acceptable income to support a family without luxuries but also without deprivation and with that he felt that it was all resolved. She did not like to travel and I never thought to have holidays, considered that being idle a few days was wasting time in life and was not you sense to do so. When parents of Esther moved in the same block that was installed the bakery, she started to go every day to buy bread. Had liked Manuel from the first moment, but she was very shy and did not give it opportunity to invite them to leave.



April 14th


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