Alexander Klyachin

What happened? I still do not know what the magic of vinyl records. But I listen and enjoy this very sound. And this despite the fact that the house was not very bad system, based on Alexander Klyachin products. Magnificent Masters in their field having a look at how the music should transfer the soul of music. My own views on the transfer of music entirely coincided with his understanding music, and I still have a deep respect for his work in the design and implementation of the apparatus of transmitting music, not the sounds that are usually removed the art sound system. However, Article I would not write about it, so ceasing digress and continue the discussion on the restoration. After that the player through my hands were still players both Soviet and foreign.

Everything, I repeat all, FSU players were the usual freaks and crafts disgusting, no matter how expensive they were at the Soviet era. But foreign players is a special song. Among them there are both good and bad. But neither one of them caught me. Here I met with Thorens 124-m – a genius I am not afraid of the word invention for audio playback. With the help of his friends in the U.S.

ebee was caught and bought and delivered to me Player Thorens-124". In the absence of enough money machine was selected in a state of living, but not much, but what do you like it was produced in 1957. And it began the recovery. The unit was completely disassembled and washed.



February 5th