Alternative Tourism

Alternative tourism is a new practice of tourism, which offers us a series of modes and destinations, which are different from what offer us commercial tourism. Alternative tourism commitment to involve the receiving population activities and its benefits, which causes the tourism, and which plan to assist in the development. And, also, is committed by the human warmth that should exist between the tourist and the people or the geographical environment. The modality of alternative tourism that are making a dent in the economy are: ecotourism, experiential tourism – which is living with families engaged in agricultural, sporting activities or artisanal fishing, which open the doors of their homes, to make people aware of another kind of life. And cultural tourism – which the tourist seeks to learn the art, the history of the place. Meanwhile, social tourism has, as intended, enrich the leisure time and promote active and healthy aging for older people. In this type of tourism are carried out visits to places of tourist interest. Thus, in this type of tourism is It includes child support, stay and activities or travel within the price of the trip. Thus, we have two forms of this tourism, which are gaining ground. And, increasingly there are more varieties in the form of travel and enjoy leisure time activities, knowing cultures there is also the option of social tourism for the holidays.



November 24th