American Presidents

JOSE BRECHNER Iran is at war with the United States since 1979, when the Iranian revolution militants stormed its Embassy in Tehran and 52 diplomats were taken hostage for 444 days. That was an act of war under international laws and all principles. However few dared to acknowledge it as such. In 1983, Hezbollah, the terrorist arm of the ayatollahs, attacked the barracks of the Marines in Lebanon, leaving 299 dead. Later, Iran will fund multiple assaults against American soldiers in Iraq. Six American Presidents have chosen not to respond to provocations, by prudence. A war with Iran is a war of great dimensions. But let the provocateurs without tangible penalties, has allowed them to acquire more lethal weapons and has emboldened them to enrich uranium.

There are divergences about what are the most powerful armies. But placing it under any parameter, Iran in the Middle East is the second or third place alternating with Turkey, your ally. In addition to the territorial, ideological and economic reasons which are an inescapable part of all armed conflict, we are at the dawn of a racial and religious war. The Muslims decided to impose his faith on everyone. Jihad is as wild as it was the Holy Inquisition. And with fans not is you can reason, only is can fight, or undergo. Wars rarely are an exclusively bilateral matter, involving many stakeholders. China is currently the main trading partner of Iran, with investments in its soil of 40 billion dollars in oil sector and gas.

One of every five inhabitants of the planet is Muslim, another of the five is Chinese. The Chinese apparently do not seek to dominate anyone, rather than always characterized as protectors of their territory, without expansionist mood. Its wall was constructed to contain those who wanted to invade them. Eight percent of the world’s population is white, 92% is comprised of other races.



August 24th


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