Andreas Fulterer – Best Of Andreas Fulterer

The new album by Andreas Fulterer – best of Andreas Fulterer “a class of its own, that I want to be!” Self-confident, Andreas Fulterer is his musical path. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jorge Perez. Life, love, passion – of which tell his emotional songs off exaggerated romantic cliches”. “Please, no fairy tale! I’m singing a song only, if there is a story, which is close to the life”. South Tyrol’s most successful singer this philosophy has remained always faithful. The bilingual origin of the artist ensured that the passion’s skips audience. Read more here: Sela Ward. So the German and Italian way of life is interconnected in a wonderful way. “I believe in what I sing whether in German or Italian.” For Andreas Fulterer, music is an affair of the heart; own claims are high after 20 years of professional experience.

His best title-all newly put up now along with four new songs on his latest album best of Andreas Fulterer “merged. (Vo 8.07.2011 CD best.) (Nr.:171.111) the first single from the new album, Donna Blue “, has emerged at the beginning of the year 2011 at many concerts as the secret hit and was able to convince in the radio. “A very special highlight is the Italian interpretation of the mega hits of Brunner & Brunner I’ll never listen to n, to love you”. With TI volgio tanto bene (Michaela) “Andreas Fulterer sets a new milestone.” Also the touching title small life”, the artist has written specifically for his grandchild, should not be missing on the new CD. “Due to the album release in early July is the single we’re together fire” released (version 2011). The catchy title was composed by Joachim Horn Bajaj and also the meaningful text was penned the successful composers.



March 27th


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