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REVIEW (from Lat. Recensio – 'check') – a review, analysis and assessment of popular scientific, musical, artistic, scientific, work, works of dramatic art, exhibitions, etc.; manner of criticism, literature, newspapers and magazines publication. Review generally includes: – the minimum permissible plot information about the product (or the subject of analysis and evaluation, which has no alpha map) – a clear or 'invisible' to relate the product (an object reviews) with other, related in theme and issues – properties of the product (object) with the emergence of perspective; place in the work of the private author in the creative process of the era, as well as in life public – a final assessment of the product author of the review. The initial objective review – a direct reference to the works of theater, film, music, literature, but in today's realities – and to a variety of events and items of material and spiritual world, which even before this, no one wrote (if possible), about which had not yet take shape public opinion. If you talk about this product (Subject, Labour) writer necessarily need to disassemble it for conformity of contemporary life: to evaluate it as nothing but a new phenomenon. It is a topical (in the best sense of the word) is the most sine qua non of any review. Variety reviews: – detailed annotation, which develops the themes of work, compositional features (music reviews) – condensed critical or journalistic article (and often controversial nature), in which the object is to review only a pretext for discussion of pressing social problems or the same literature – essays, it is more a lyrical meditation reviewer, inspired by watching, listening, reading works than its direct interpretation – samoretsenziya which sets out the author's view of his own work. Review, consisting of several works of art, not differing from each other thematically, thematic, temporal, or any other grounds, is a review (monitor of).



December 1st


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