Asian Wok

. Sally Rooney addresses the importance of the matter here. We offer services of: launches product Street Marketing sales force events promotions at the point of sale visits to the point of sale actions in public via conventions Mystery Shopper audits commercial festivals promotional fairs logistics operations how field marketing strategies they can impact on a business, you can get to translate into economic benefits or is it more to consolidate a brand? Field marketing actions are focused directly to the commercial activity, and mainly to the increase of sales, therefore, a greater income generation. Although the brand also is it reinforced in the medium or long term by the impact and repercussions of such actions. The results are visible in the short term. They are direct actions. We resolve situations of this kind: my points sales are not well visited with what me coste negotiate the entry and my product is now abandoned a sales force is very expensive not I seen in the linear, am badly located do not know where are the promotions that I hired my competition is doing my logistics is expensive and does not give me good results who can help me to introduce myself in more chainsTHAT I can do to sell more shares of field marketing with Aplus us are specialized in franchises. Do you have clients in this sector? Do you think that these strategies are also positive for franchises? Yes, we have experience in the sector and we have worked with franchises like Asian Wok, Fann, knee, among others. The competitiveness of this sector has resulted in strategies that go beyond public relations and advertising.

Services field marketing they are ideal, since the flexibility of actions can lead us to perform custom actions for each franchise within a string according to their needs of geomarketing, needs business, goals, etc. I’ve seen on the web that you also recabais information about the point of sale. What is it exactly? It is a useful instrument for the employer? For the decision-making business strategies, we often have information but not knowledge. The key to know how to perceive us, why we sell what we sell, how it is really the point of sale where we sell what sells our competition, is at the point of sale. In general terms, the audit at the point of sale offers results with high doses of precision and comparability for the specific decision-making in the areas of: product (features, design, packaging), communication (merchandising, advertising, promotion), price and distribution or an aggregate of the four. And why ensure us a successful and profitable decision making direct contact with all points of sale.



August 11th