Automatic Binding Bricks

LEGO toys have long won the hearts of children and adolescents around the world. With the help of small bricks build houses, create machines and robots (sets bionicle). The name of this type of design sounds like "Play with pleasure." First plastic building blocks have appeared in 1949. They created the Danish toy manufacturer Kirk Christiansen, he named his new designer Automatic Binding Bricks. Two years later the company began to produce more than a hundred different species of wood and plastic toys. The predecessors of the modern LEGO bricks included, as the details for the connection of different parts of toys. First, the material for their production of LEGO was a cellulose acetate, and looked like blocks of wood, which have been formed at each other and fastened together.

This was their main difference from other similar types of toys. On top of the blocks were "hats" and their base was hollow. Since 1953, the company delivers its Toys in Sweden. While plastic toys still could not compete with the same wooden products. Many thought that the novelty will never take hold in the market and there will be only a historical experiment.

But experts and users make a mistake, plastic toys, LEGO was destined to conquer the world of children and adults. Active promotion of invention Kirk Christiansen took over his son-Godtfred Christiansen. He understood that there is a big LEGO toys potential, we only need the right to advertise. After all, these toys are able to develop creativity of children and help them to "think spatially." In 1963, the details of the designers of LEGO began producing acrylonitrile. This material is absolutely not toxic and retains its color and not deformed. You can take the bricks, made forty years ago, and just as reliably connect them with each other, as well as new ones. Incidentally, details of LEGO designer do on those same standards and in those years. Old bricks can be combined with new, they are well fastened together. Since 1977, manufacturers started to LEGO increasing attention paid to the technical side of manufacturing designers began to produced sets for teens, one of the most popular is called the lego city. In 1996 he founded subsidiary corporation LEGO MEDIA INTERNATIONAL, which was engaged in development of new products. In addition, LEGO designers actively advertised through print media, television. Creating new developers watching popular among children and teens movies. Therefore, the market there sets lego star wars, on the grounds of "Star Wars" bionicle sets or to create robots of Transformers. The company did not escape the attention and the possibility of computer software. It is used not only to develop new products, but also to create computer games based on LEGO, for instance the popular teenage game lego star wars. In the Guinness Book of Records has got the biggest railway, built by the designer LEGO. Its length is 545 meters, moved her three locomotives. On the 37 plants With more than eight thousand people. They are scattered all over the world. The company launched its operations in Denmark, Switzerland, South Korea, USA and Brazil. Two LEGO blocks can be joined 24 different ways, and for the three blocks of number increases to 1060. To date, the company developed and produced more than 600 different types of designers. Lego city sets out to build cities, create railroads, airplanes, and much more. Buy LEGO toys parents in 130 countries. And play with them more than three million children.



March 15th