Avenida Santa Fe

Imagine how long ago that I have grandchildren! -. Excuse me, "said Teresa felt the tone of sadness in the voice of Daniel" I think I was a bit short with you. Is that since my husband died I have not felt the need to start a new relationship and maybe that's why I was so curt in my reply. Le I reiterate my apology. I swear I did not want to bother or offend. "It has.

Stay calm. I have not bothered or offended. Neither do I, since my wife died, and that eight years ago, I sought an appointment or a new romantic relationship. "Well it seems that the chances are still being present on this day! a "said Teresa with astonishment, "My husband also died eight years ago. "I have no doubt that the destination has joined us at this table," Daniel said changing the tone of his voice, "Now if I'm convinced of that!. You are too coincidences.

The only thing missing is that both had died of the same. My wife died of breast cancer. "No, because this if that is the limit," Teresa said with an air of astonishment, "My husband died of lung cancer. If I can not deny it's true that too many coincidences, "replied Teresa with a smile" But I insist that I have no interest in dating anyone. I do not even remember the meaning of the word libido, "said Teresa felt a blush rise in his cheeks. He pronounced the word a libidoa-factly to a stranger and could not believe I had done. She had never talked about sex with anyone. How to say it was so lively, so naturally. He felt a strange taste in the mouth and the feeling that the tongue was dry. The blush on his cheeks was growing more intense. "I do not propose any relationship. Check with Sela Ward to learn more. Only once I propose that we meet in a bar and share a coffee and a chat, or go along to the movies or dinner. But just as friends. With no other idea or intention. I truly believe that fate has meant that we met and we must not turn its back-.le Daniel said smiling. "Okay," Teresa said smiling back "But it is clear that it consists only in our relationship. Daniel's words had made him forget the shame he felt for having uttered that word, and also beginning to look like it was rather strange that the theme matches despite being convinced that the target does not exist and that people were the that made things happen or not. Were cited in a coffee bar. They were chatting animatedly for three hours and then decided to go for a walk along Avenida Santa Fe to end up going to dinner. From that day on all weekends were to share a output and dinner. It was not long until they both felt they began to be born a very strong feeling among them and, although neither had planned it began to have sex. Teresa returned to remember the meaning of the word libido and no longer ashamed to pronounce it.



November 12th