Bab Doukkala

The place will delight you with its atmosphere to the rhythm of traditional dances, chants and fantasies with brought tribes from all corners of the Kingdom which invite you to enjoy an exceptional environment. Le Tanjia is a true Palace located between the Bahia and Badi palaces in the medina. Many famous there enjoy Moroccan and international cuisines as well as a sensitive atmosphere to miscegenation of cultures. Your dinner will be animated by a show played by Oriental dancers accompanied each night by a set of traditional music or, on occasions, by a DJ. The best recipes of traditional Moroccan cuisine can be savoured in La Maison Arabe, one of the best riads of Marrakech, situated in the District of Bab Doukkala in the medina, to the sound of a duo of lute and guitar playing music Arabe-andalusi. In the heart of the medina and close to the Jemaa el Fna square, Chahramane, a splendid Moorish palace, with his wall sculptures, they will discover their tapestries woven by hand and its purely Moroccan decor. In addition to the exquisite Moroccan traditional cuisine, the place offers them the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of folklore, entertainment and evenings music interpreted by several troupes coming from, so if you want to fully discover the Moroccan culture, music is a way to both fun and instructive, as well as very accessible. Many hotels in Marrakech will help you choose and book the best place to enjoy the traditional Moroccan music and many of the riads of Marrakech even have their own restaurant with performances of dance and music. Come to Marrakech and irradiate it!



March 7th