This similarity is thirsting for God, the soul and Christ, to whom to give food and drink in the bile thirst vinegar (Psalm 69, 22 Wed Jn. 19, 28-30) is not accidental. For more Tertullian noted that "the soul by nature Christian." In this context, poetry Bashlacheva can and should be called a Christian. Poetry Bashlacheva – a cry of pain, it's groan of the soul. Bashlachev – it crucified poet. 'Name Names take even pushed his way to the sand! Together we realize how hurt a living soul. " ('Name Names'). Russian culture is underground, underground culture, it's 'time the bells'.

It occurs when already 'lost dome gold. Ringers around the world are inclined. The bells brought down and split. " 'Bells' underground culture are those who are trying to convey that to the end can only express' Tsar Bell. " But during the so-called 'freeze' it froze hard language, but 'the word of God is not bound "(2 Tim. 2, 9).

But every day the times are changing Dome lost gold. Ringers around the world are inclined. The bells brought down and split. Well now we go round and round in his field, as underground? If we do not cast the bell, So here while bells. Creativity Bashlacheva (which, to some extent can be said about the Russian culture, underground music in general) is that attempts (and sometimes successful) compensate the lack of words, trying to express his Bashlachev his tongue 'bells'. And this is not the sound of guitar strings, and executed from the pain of the heart. You Zvenigorod heart under his shirt. In a hurry – in all directions crows. Hey! deducible Indigenous to pristyazhkoyu and torn on all four sides. To know more about this subject visit Lynn Redgrave. (Time bell) a country that was sleeping on the hard climb. But somehow harnessed. And there – went for a trot! Oh, never mind that while there was no peasant. Lonely woman always on the demolition.



July 13th


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