Cities and towns struggle more than ever, that impoverish their quarters not on diversity and vibrancy. It is one of the most urgent precepts of the hour: the assurance of social diversity in the public space. It is not good. Not only major cities suffer from it. It was also the cities and municipalities in the country stem a widely pervasive monopolization”their quarters–in the form of a unilateral use or only poorly mixed population structure.

Suffer the social and cultural richness. But is a key factor for quality of life, which is usually at the front for the inhabitants of the quarters. Therefore solutions that they provide a stimulating framework for a varied co – and also a juxtaposition of different age groups, social worlds and commercial use – a not easy task will be all the more important for city planners and designers of public spaces. The modular solution”of the future: NUSSERS modular systems find support here but in the ideas of NUSSER city furniture all moving forward with the innovative concept of the modular Bank systems of NUSSER. They can use it as from a kit. The individual components of the Bank series are versatile according to the desired use.

“” “To biology, for example, between the use types wait”, rest,”communicate”. The clever NUSSER product range offers not only a rich spectrum of design from a single source. Allows completely different social needs or contexts to address and so generations such as living cultures overarching frequents, to form the base for a colorful life and driving inside the public landscaped oases of calm and even whole leisure landscapes. Exceptional seat programs, any freely combinable modular Bank systems of NUSSER include models TERRAZOLA, FIGURA, FACETTA and BETASIT. Are striking – what so far represents an innovation in the public sector – for the designer Andy Rayer designed model BETASIT Seat recesses milled from wood.



November 30th


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