BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry phones are known for their user-friendly design and its ergonomics so that the new Blackberry storm 3 is no exception.There have been a number of improvements in est phone.The new 3? It is equipped with an 8 mega pixel camera, and this means that the images taken by the camera will have a near professional level.This new phone has been developed to defeat its competitors like the iPhone from Apple 4 and Nokia N8.All these phones have been equipped with top of the line of cameras with good optics performance. By the same author: Tony Parker. When it comes to customizing the new mora, they are not more than enough options.Now owners can set their favorite songs as ringtones.So everytime you receive a call you received the best music for your ears.The sound quality was also an improvement over the previous model and the sound is now sharper than before.The equalizer has also been improved for make the music sound more pleasant to the ears.Today a person can establish presets that coincide with the speakers the headphone audio performance. Player built for this phone is also a huge improvement from the previous model.And you are now face to face with the media players in the competition.Today you can easily play MP3 game, eAAC, WMA, MP4.These formats are used to play music as well as video.All these elements are compatible with this phone and a person can also have your music collection with you wherever.The battery life has also been improved and now the time has been moved up to 9 hours. In recent months, actress has been very successful. Connection to Internet of the new Blackberry 3 has never been easier, since it comes fully equipped with the most advanced Wi-Fi systems for domestic and local networks.The benefit is the rate of data transfer of high can be achieved When such movies copying data.And when is this in the way the phone can be connected through 3 G along with the ability of GPS network.Connectivity to the computer has been made very easy and now the phone is compatible with USB connectivity.This is an additional benefit as new USB 2 and 3 of data faster to get good transfer rates.It’s a package of pure performance for an intelligent person. Ignacio investigates more about new phones Blackberry and also original Blackberry Storm Autor and source of the article.



January 2nd