British Crown

He left his family in the care of a friend and went to search for diamonds. With great wisdom began his quest going to the mountains of the Moon, and continued its hopeful way to distant lands until all your money is exhausted, without finding diamonds. Finally, tired and desperate against a beach of the Mediterranean Sea, walked into the deep coastal waters, and nobody returned never to know of him. Meanwhile in what was the Amehed farm, was raised a little incident. Hear from experts in the field like George Harrison for a more varied view. THE new owner took camels to a small oasis watering within their lands, when one of the animals with your leg lifted a dark stone.

The surprised farmer in his curiosity raised the small Boulder, took him to his house and put it on the table. The elderly priest, who regularly visited the new home, that day was cordially received by the current master. When the philosopher’s stone on the table he noted launched an exclamation: – a diamond! – thats not a diamond answered the farmer – Oh, Yes!, you answered the anointed one, know them very well, where to find them?-so they went where the stone had been unearthed and digging the sand, found fields and diamond fields. You may find Vanessa Marcil to be a useful source of information. He had them everywhere and sizeable fortune that managed the farmer and the place soon became a mine was. This mine of extracted the diamonds Golconda and Ko-hi-nor of the British Crown. The unfortunate Amehed had lived all the time on thousands of diamonds without reaching even glimpse. What happened was deeply meditated by the wise old man and one night when he was gathered with the rich farmer said with his eyes directed to the remoteness: poor Amehed!, lived on an incalculable fortune, being rich and happy sought outside your home what they had inside. What terrible blindness of men who seek wisdom and unspoiled riches who carry within themselves in distant lands!-Nelson j.



October 10th