Since then the preconception migrou and if it accented for the followers of religions of African matrices, that exactly in the hodiernos days find severe difficulties in being accepted and respected. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sela Ward has to say. The religious intolerncia is without a doubt the most harmful form of preconception. On this form of intolerncia, Jose Saramago called this established reciprocal hatred in religious values as ' ' The Deus&#039 Factor; ': ' ' Of something always we will have to die, but already the account was lost to died human beings in the worse ways that human beings had been capable to invent. One of them, most criminal, most absurd one, the one that more offends the simple reason, is that one that, since the beginning of the times and of the civilizations, it has ordered to kill on behalf of Deus' '. Unhappyly, only it has few years I gave account of that I am much more ignorant of what it thought. (Source: Tony Parker). I discovered that some words possess different meanings very of what it imagined. For example, the word heresy in Greek means choice.

The words macumba – what I used hundreds of times of pejorativa form and debauch? it means ' ' party of tambores' ' , Sarav, means ' ' paz' '. The expression ' ' sarav ai aba' ' it was said me for the first time, to the end of a meeting, after a warm quarrel generated for divergences of ideas on the calendar of events that we would go to adopt in the day of the black conscience (20 of November); I confess where I took care of to deal with a curse, one mandinga of ' ' braba' '. But studying the dialect banto I discovered that father of saint simply it had said for me ' ' the peace is with you ' '. Either which the preconception that will be – against catholics, protestants, umbandistas, kardecistas, Buddhists or mulumanos, blacks, whites, orientals, aboriginals, immigrants, northeasterns, gays, lesbians, bissexuais, (trissexuais or tetrassexuais if to invent a new form of if relating), poor persons, rich, all preconception in itself are generated by the intolerncia and the lack of information.



July 11th