Burj Al Arab

This includes hotels, and some cruise ships, as well as the famous express train, which does not change with the times of Hercule Poirot. And believe me, old man, this is the kind of money – that the hotels targeted technological progress, the only diva given: for what? The classification of hotels: Banno and laundry question man with refined taste have always noticed that in the fine hotel bed linen is not white, and slightly creamy. And it is not made of Conventional satin, and the more subtle and smooth fibers. (Similarly see: Howard Schultz). And the smell of bleach is not aggressive, but pleasant scent. In the elegant hotels are not allowed cheap frills, such as folded towels from the swans on the bed. Place towels – in the bathroom.

And not so nice wipe oneself crumpled towel on which he worked for a long time cleaner. Everything beautiful must be functionally and hygienically – this is the first law of high class. Robes and slippers are not even discussed – they should be it. But it is desirable that they are waiting for you warmed up. Towelie should be in all sizes and purposes: Hand, foot, body, face, for? In addition, one must have a stack of terry salfetochek, just in case need something to wipe. The hotel is clearly 'no modify' if on a shelf in the bathroom you waiting for uncomplicated single-use packets of shampoo and shower gel. That's the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, all cosmetics, including toilet water, creams face and body of Hermes.



July 13th


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