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SUMMARY Data warehouses are the focus for large companies today, as they constitute one of the mainstays for the process of managerial decision making, hence the importance of information stored on them is reliable and quality. One of the processes in the construction of these and helps to achieve this goal is data cleansing, and together with address standardization. Sean Rad, New York City shines more light on the discussion. To communicate effectively with their customers, by phone or mail, a company must maintain a list of customers with their exceptionally clean and standardized addresses. This avoids problems such as loss of credibility or image of the organization, to make shipping accurate and provide the customer a faster and more professional service. INTRODUCTION From the beginning, the database became a key tool for controlling and managing business operations. Thus, in a few years in large companies and businesses there was a considerable amount of information stored in different data sources and these had already reached a considerably large size. With this large accumulation of information, the managers of such companies and businesses realized that this could have a useful purpose, to be reflected most of its business operations during business cycles called themselves the market. In turn, business markets have undergone a radical transformation. Companies are demanding more speed and efficiency in the delivery of products, and improvement in all existing services, so it is essential to find more effective ways of selling the products, making it easier to market surveys based on information operations companies’ business and its customers and, ultimately, faster when making decisions.



May 20th