Cadel Evans Sprinters

Sera the Australian fashion that encumbr to Cadel Evans in the Tour, segundn, the man rubber to which always they left corners to him and tropezones. It will be that the Australian cycling is of subidn reason why a unknown type as Christopher Sutton adjudged the Sprint of Orihuela with an amazing facility, leaving to the Spanish Vicente Reynes striking its handlebars with all the rage of the world by the lost occasion. And to the great sprinters with face of idiots. It will be that when Cancellara moves it is as if storm threatened. It did several times.

Suddenly arren mounts I hope to you here and everything becomes cloudy in the squad. Frenetic nerves, cosquilleos, pedaleos to follow powerful Swiss. There that went sprinters after their track, when perhaps the unique thing that wanted was to protect its Fuglsang leader of the best possible way. The certain thing is that everything was displaced, lost the anticipated order, desmadej the race. Source of the news: : The Sutton Australian, moon expert



November 2nd