Today we are going to prepare a delicious recipe of cannelloni of meat, for which the fundamental secret is do well filling, as the bechamel sauce tends to go well always, and if you do not leave very well, it is prepared in very good quality. The cannelloni of meat ingredients: 250 grams of minced meat of ternera.250 grams of minced meat cerdo.18 canelones.1 harina.1/2 leche.1/2 cebolla.1 cup tablespoon clove ajo.2 tablespoons oil.Sal.oregano.albahaca.Salsa bechamel sauce.Tomato sauce. To start, hidrataremos plates of cannelloni, putting them in water hisviendo, when they are hydrated put them on a cloth. Moreover we begin preparing the sauce, this gilded, onion and garlic finely minced in a pan with hot oil, add meat, incorporate salt and leave that you are doing, add oregano, and when the meat is done, add Basil and a tablespoon of flour, stir well and add, little by littlea splash of milk, as if estuviesemos making a bechamel sauce. To know more about this subject visit Tony Parker. Made the sauce, assemble the cannelloni, putting a little of this on each plate and enrrollandola. We put them in an oven dish, previously greased a mixture of oil and flour; We add the tomato on top, not too, uncovered, and cover them with sauce bechamel sauce and grated cheese. We put it to cook au gratin in the oven at 200 C, and when the surface gold already have delicious cannelloni of meat ready to eat and enjoy. You can find the meat cannelloni recipe, and other many recipes, in our kitchen Cookbook.. Filed under: Neil Cole.



May 20th