Carmel Volleys

So, no way, not empty. But before you think is in reality just so. No form, no vacuum is in itself a clinging to the vacuum. Leave it! Then you won’t either inside or outside; You will reach the absolute. Everything you see, hear, taste and smell is the truth. God is God, Buddha is Buddha, the mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers. The truth is as well.

Form is form, vacuum is empty. If you cut every thought, your mind will become clear. This is only your true being. Think is desire, desire is suffering. When the mind stays clear, no life or death. You will find the true freedom that has no obstacles. Your body has life and death, but you be true transcends both life and death. So what is your true self? Does it exist or not? If you say that there is, where are you? If you say that it does not exist, what you are listening this talk? Both answers are not complete.

Why? (hitting the table) KATZ! Leave it, leave it all! The great road is opposite the door. ORIGIN DEPENDENT brings, that during a visit to the Sambosa Temple in Carmel Volleys, California, Seung Sahn Soen Sa gave a Dharma talk to a large gathering of visitors one Sunday morning. Zen master Seung Sahn, walked toward a table at the front of the room, lifted his stick and drew a circle in the air. He then asked, do you know what is this? If you say that you understand I verbs thirty times; If you say that you don’t understand it you verbs thirty times. Why? It stopped a few moments and then struck the table with his cane. Today is Sunday, it said. Then gave the following speech: Buddha said, the existence or the non-existence depend on a series of causes and effects.



October 11th