Casa Saint

The four students are hurled> far, the car blows up and catches fire. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tony Parker by clicking through. The monumental door, richly worked in bronze, of the Bank of the Province of Galkamour, pulled out of the bearings, it is in the soil, twisted, estraalhada for the explosion. After that everything falls in a strange silence, creating a counterpoint nonsense to the boom. Disaccorded, bloody, fallen disorderedly in the sidewalk, the young seems marionettes without wires, abandoned for the owner, sleeping in grotescas poses. Glass dust, rocks, chips and wood atravancam the stroll and part of the street.

Some glasswares still are gotten loose, falling in the sidewalk, estilhaadas. The dust has one smells Acre, sour, that it remembers mustard. Smoke leaves the destroyed car in dark coils. It does not have vivalma. Soon two off ambulances of the Casa Saint, lights blinking, buzzers appear; they collect the wounded quickly, before they recover the conscience and they add in the blackout. . Emiliano Vargas is a high, lean rapago, of hair taking chimarro cold, as he always says with its original pronunciation, indicating a compass of enervante wait, despite necessary. It speaks with phrases incisive, but round, as they were dancing the maanico; they remember the fast step, the stroke of the jump, tingling of spurs, the rounds and the stops, the fulfilment but sketched.

Nobody would say that they are only words. But already they had repaired that the words know to behave and if to adapt, how they were human beings? In the way of speaking of the gaucho all meets a choreography, that reflects it and the complete one, but that few know to recognize and to appreciate. When it speaks with somebody, it seems to involve it with interest and passion; it does not look at of side, of> glance, running away: it looks the eyes it faces and them, of a curious skill, enquirer, as wanting to always know more.



February 27th