Cazumb Periodical

This, because, the tourism is a somatrio of several factors, and these cannot overlap one to the other, as well as not if it can consider one more excellent of what the other, mainly, as for the cultural aspect of So Lus, has seen that this is sufficiently expressive in the city, to the point of granting the headings to it of ' ' Description-Cultural patrimony of the Humanidade' ' of ' ' Brazilian capital of the Culture 2009' '. The first one, granted for UNESCO, thanks to its quantity architectural and description. Already as, in recognition to the literary tradition and the ludovicenses popular manifestations. In this context, it is of utmost importance to cite the many benefits that a city gets to the elect being as ' ' Brazilian capital of the Cultura' ' , detached for Rasp (2009), being the main ones: increment in auto-esteem of the population that will feel part of a project in common, social inclusion of the favored sectors less economically, cultural enrichment of the citizens, national and international promotion, valuation conservation of the historic site and increment in the tourist flow with the consequent attraction of investments and prescription for the city. As the current secretary of tourism of the city, Liviomar Macatro, in an interview given to the Cazumb Periodical (RODRIGUES, 2009, p.8): So Lus goes to earn in some aspects with this heading.

The city will attract many investments, due to the direct envolvement of the ministries of the Culture and the Tourism. more tourists will be attracted for the city, because a series of events is being programmed for this year. Everything that to happen in the city in cultural terms, especially, will gain a visibility well bigger. From there the importance of if creating new options of entertainment in the city, come back, mainly, toward the segments natural and cultural, as already so it was pointed out previously.



August 20th