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A relaunch makes more interactive and more manageable. Who uses the platform now, wins the ‘sailing ‘Magazine 1 year subscription. Berlin, February 5, 2010 dear a Bavaria or a Beneteau? Center cockpit or classic? Turkish Riviera, or rather after Malle? What is good so a furling mainsail? How are the ships of this company? All questions, which deal with a skipper, planning the next trip for his crew. The most precious weeks of the year will be perfect. Decide to each skipper himself, but on the redesigned website by he finds information he needs to all now. Ben Bretzman can aid you in your search for knowledge. A new evaluation function, with which the sailing community can give unvarnished feedback ensures unstyled comments penned by people who already have experience with individual yachts, producers, fisheries and marinas. Supplemented the personal marking out the scene with a wealth of technical information: on, a profile can be found for every major Charter Marina for a total of over 800 plants. A new map navigation shows the customer where exactly the respective Marina is located.

There is also a portrait, which presents every single model of a manufacturer from each shipyard. Most popular boat types are shown in the video or in advanced yacht tests discussed. Of course, the look of the page is fresh and clear. The only thing that has not changed is the superiority of the offer: the online platform from the House of Euroboats is the largest of its kind worldwide with prices and availability to over 7,000 yachts. Behind it is a clever search engine: accesses on every request live almost all databases and delivers the results in a clearly arranged list. Wind and weather can not reserve the skipper at, but otherwise pretty much everything around a successful trip. Each “decision joyful skipper, who now take advantage of the offer and Charter in the coming four weeks, get a yearly subscription from the sailing magazine.



June 26th


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