Choosing A Car Alarm For Your Car

The tasks of car alarms is to report the assassination of your vehicle. There are various ways to protect your vehicle from theft: from the simplest mechanical interlocks to sophisticated electronic automobile security systems. We give a few tips for proper selection of automobile alarms. The choice of car alarm systems depends primarily on the thickness of the purse motorist. When choosing car alarm systems should take into account the storage conditions the car. If the car is in the garage or on the guarded parking lot far from home, then, of course, a siren, no matter how powerful it is, then do not deliver. In this case, help a special messenger, sending signals to the transmitter.

Even the most simple version of this device can transmit a signal over a distance of 300-500 meters. In that case, if the car is on the ground near the entrance, it is reasonable select an alarm, siren which serves as a siren. However, in this case, you risk not only the wake of its sounds, but also to awaken the whole yard. And if there are frequent false alarms, then this alarm can bring to a nervous breakdown anyone and eventually will have to think about purchasing another. Of course, the more different sensors will have a car alarm, the better.

This, as already mentioned, can be Sensors opening doors, hood, trunk, gauges the volume, tilt sensors, and others. It is worth to say about the tilt sensor. They can be useful when your car installed expensive rims discs. When you try to lift the vehicle using jack works inclination sensor, and you do not risk to see your car in the morning, standing on bricks. Can be very helpful GPS-module, which is present in expensive models of car alarms. With this device you can track the location of the car, even if an attacker managed to hijack. As an additional option in some car alarms present immobilizer, which can also be a separate device fitted separately. To deactivate an immobilizer before starting the engine using any means: mechanical and electronic keys; from one to twelve buttons to enter the secret code, the transmission codes with infrared rays or radio waves, various transponder system. med guard – immobilizer with advanced anti CAR-JACKING. med guard – is controlled by one of two bundled active cards, labels, has a single wire lock, when connected to the central locking guard able to open car doors when approaching cards and close them when you remove when connecting to speedometer, the system automatically locks the doors after the start of auto traffic. The system can disarm so in the manual mode by pressing the button on the card, label. med guard provides the highest degree of car protection in the event of a robbery, while maintaining maximum security for life and health of the owner of the car. -> Please note that 100% protection against unauthorized no. All systems that are Now in our market, there are pluses and minuses.



February 2nd