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Holidays, enjoy and sing about musical from jazz to classical to frolic, sing joy. No longer alone to sing in the bathtub. Experience the wonderful combination of nature and culture in an inspiring journey into the Eifel with music and singing. Source: Tony Parker. Who wants to sing, must learn to breathe and who breathe properly, can also sing. Therefore you are expertly accompanied by a trained vocal coach and supports. She will help you to find the rhythm, melodious to speech and breathing techniques and cause them carefully over the small notes Cliff line. An enrichment for beginners and advanced. The trail leads you to your musical adventure on the edge of the German Belgian National Park.

Romantic Hotel with ambience make the perfect setting for a musical break. Views of lush meadows and hills with deep green Woods goes from here. The kitchen serves freshly prepared full meals daily. Cozy seats in house and garden provide after school”for the necessary holiday feeling and lure evening for a chat over a glass of good wine. ARTE VITALIS has specialized in the event of individual music – and time travel. Off the track, you can enjoy the peace and comfort of small hotels with flair. Arrive, relax, enjoy and experience how beneficial it is to go with the own creativity on the trip. In August at ARTE VITALIS: feel the fire of Africa at a drum-holiday-seminar, sing to your heart’s content, or dive into the world of watercolors. African drumming from 15 to 17 August 2008 Kingdom paints (watercolor painting) from 25 to 28 August 2008 vocals & rhythm from 29 to 31 August 2008 Creative holiday seminar from 295,00 euros per person course and full Board more info: ARTE VITALIS Ingrid Wesseler & Klaus Behutuns Sanga P.o. box 1154 54552 Daun Tel: 06592-958126 E-Mail: Web:



September 15th


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